Writers with Purpose

What is Writers With Purpose?

I’m so glad you asked! I personally developed Writers With Purpose (WWP), to further help my fellow writers and beginning writers to build and sharpen their skills when it comes to the world of storytelling. Being a writer myself and working as an editor, I get question upon question about writing and while I by no means claim to have all of the answers, I have spent years and countless hours, learning all that I can about writing and now I want to share what I’ve gleaned with you to help you improve your writing skills.

I specifically chose the word “purpose” because we all sit down to write with a goal in mind, whatever your goal may be, by even setting one you’ve given yourself a purpose. I want to encourage you to use your voice with purpose, use your platform with purpose, and write with purpose.

Throughout the WWP series, you will be challenged to think of writing in a different way and I’ll show you how to overcome many of those pesky writing problems we’re always joking about on social media.   

First up is Get Inspired, Stay Writing. Where I’ll help you find the inspiration you need, show you how to apply it, and keep your brain from taking over your project. Strap in and let’s work towards purposeful writing.

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