Get to know Carmen

The Journey Continues

It’s been 7 lengthy years since my introduction as a published author, after a small print run and just a brief taste of what the publishing world has to offer, I knew I wasn’t going to stop writing. But, for the sake of my writing career, I took a few steps back. I took the time to immerse myself in writing and literature by pursuing a degree in English and Creative Writing. While at times, that felt like a silly decision, in hindsight, I’m glad I did because now I see writing in a whole new light. And I’m here to share that with you, my fellow writers, authors, and editors.


I’ve compiled too much knowledge to not share it with you and I’m doing just that in the Writers with Purpose Guide Series. In the first installment, Get Inspired, Stay Writing, I’ll walk you through finding inspiration for your writing and how to keep your project moving forward even when you feel like writing isn’t for you. You’ll also have access to my curated questionnaires that will help you to build various story elements.


In addition to Writers with Purpose, I’m elated to currently be preparing for the release of my novel Designed Lies. This up and down fiction rollercoaster takes you into the love lives of a group of friends trying to figure out if love still exist and if it does how do you hold onto it without losing your mind.  


We’ve got a lot of work to do writers so let me journey with you. Check back here and follow me on social media for up to date info on my upcoming publications and all of my tips and tricks of the craft to keep you on track.